So we’re getting a puppy.  We’ve been on the waiting list with our breeder since before they were born and now we’re getting to the final countdown.  2 weeks less a day until we pick her up.  Last weekend we went to the breeder to visit them and I’ll tell you, even though I prefer […]

Ow, my eye…

So I’ve been working in the basement with my compressed air nailgun and for some reason, I forgot to wear my safety glasses the other day.  Of course, that’s the day I get some blowback into my eyes.  It didn’t seem so bad but there was definitely something in there because every now and again […]

Want to take off that pesky holiday weight? Try new and improved “Montezuma’s Revenge”, by Mexco.

Sorry it took so long to write about the last day but it seems I smuggled some illegal immigrants into the country with me.  More on that later. We were originally supposed to fly out at around 3pm which would have had us leaving the hotel at noon which was pretty perfect really.  Unfortunately, the […]

Island tour

After last nights thunderstorm, the day was windy and cool so we decided to take a taxi around the island.  We had heard that the east coast was quite beautiful and it wasn’t a good day for swimming so a guided tour seemed like the perfect thing. We stopped at one of the nice beach […]


I was feeling a little off today, a little too crispy perhaps.  We had lined up a day at Chankanaab which is a snorkling, wildlife, beachy sort of place with dolphin swimming and such.  I’m not going to talk too much and just let a few pictures speak for themselves.  You’ll probably notice our iguana […]