So we’re getting a puppy.  We’ve been on the waiting list with our breeder since before they were born and now we’re getting to the final countdown.  2 weeks less a day until we pick her up.  Last weekend we went to the breeder to visit them and I’ll tell you, even though I prefer […]

Ow, my eye…

So I’ve been working in the basement with my compressed air nailgun and for some reason, I forgot to wear my safety glasses the other day.  Of course, that’s the day I get some blowback into my eyes.  It didn’t seem so bad but there was definitely something in there because every now and again […]


Bored this morning so monkeying around with my macro lens. Here’s my eye. (click for full view) Sort of interesting to look at full sized. I had thought eyes were always very smooth but you can see some scratches above the pupil. Also, I think the pale ring around the outside might be where my […]

Pros vs. Joes

Here’s an interesting quote from Michael Reichmann of Luminous Landscape regarding his Antarctica photography expeditions: “Over a three week period in the Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula I shot 7,024 frames totaling 182 Gigabytes. […] I ended up with some 92 frames which I consider worth printing, and a dozen which are portfolio […]