Tearful Moments

Now I’m the first to admit that I’m probably more easily moved to tears than most.  Heck, there are greeting card and telephone commercials on TV that can get me sniffling.  So I was thinking I’d make a list of a few movie/TV moments that got me bleary eyed and perhaps some of you can […]


So attempting to take some soft erotica photos of Sharon last night as a way of getting her to stop playing video games and come watch Buffy with me, I noticed a problem with my new lens.  Looking into it, it seemed like there was a crack in one of the inside lens elements.  Fuckity […]

Recipe Database

So the little woman wanted to put a bunch of recipes up but didn’t like the blog format.  I went searching and found many commercial or standalone recipe programs but not a lot of simple, web based ones with database backends.  In the end, I settled on PHPMyRecipes.   It’s simple to use and administer and […]