In less civilized countries they’re called “bribes”.  In Canada, they’re called “Fees, Taxes and Disbursements”.  Buying real estate is really expensive.

Renovations Phase 1 or “Why I need a wide angle lens”

So we’ve pretty much finished the dining room. There are still a couple of minor trim details but by and large, it’s done. Work done: replace patio door, fix rotted section of floor, redo molding and trim, retape and drywall seams, paint, install laminate floor. Not too bad. Here’s a picture. I’m really crappy at panoramic photos. If I had a nice wide angle lens, I wouldn’t need to. Perhaps Mrs. Crufty will get me one for Xmas/bday. (hint hint)

Bye bye Kitty.

Well, a nice man came by and picked up the kitty yesterday.  I think he’s going to a good home.  Considering that the guy bought Science Diet kitten food, I think he’s probably a better pet owner than we are.  Of course, the amount of food our cat/cow goes through, we’d have to take out a loan to feed him the good stuff.  I’m not saying Finnegan is fat, but the other day he jumped up in the air and got stuck…. ba-dum-cha….

Thanks to those who responded.

Kris Warkentin

Anyone want a cat?

Our neighbors were a couple of young, stupid girls, possibly in trouble with the law, partying a lot, etc. etc. The one girl’s cat was always coming around. He’s a beautiful, friendly little guy, probably about six months old and just loves attention. Anyway, the girl who owned the cat took off out of town. The other girl also left for a couple of days, leaving the cat inside with very little or no food. He managed to claw his way out through a screen and had been wandering the neighborhood, eating what he could, going into people’s houses. The girl comes back and doesn’t want the cat so we offer to take him and find a good home. She says, “sure,” and gives us all the kitty stuff like litter box and carrier and such.

He’s living in our front landing right now because we already have a dog, cat and bird who aren’t interested in another pet. So the deal is this. If you want the cat, you can have him and all his stuff. We’ll even pay half of his first vet visit because we’re assuming he doesn’t have shots and hasn’t been fixed.


%$#@* Thieves!!

Took Sharon to Montreal for shopping this weekend (Monday was her birthday).  We stayed in a fairly decent hotel but it didn’t have indoor parking.  Now Ottawa doesn’t seem to have a lot of theft so I don’t normally take the face plate off my stereo.  Big mistake in Montreal apparently.  They jimmied open the window, took the stereo, my MP3 player from my gym bag and several pairs of sunglasses.  Fortunately the left my golf clubs, voltmeter (don’t ask), flashlight and wireless cell phone headset.  Very particular robbers it seems.

It’s only stuff I suppose.  No one got hurt and the car doesn’t seem to be damaged but sometimes it seems like two steps forward and one step back.  I just got that stereo.  It had USB.  I really liked it. 🙁

Kris Warkentin

International Volleyball

There was a mini volleyball tournament this week at the arena so Sharon and I went to catch the final games today.  The bronze medal game was Canada 2 vs. Argentina.  Cuba had pulled out of the tournament so Canada put in an extra team made up of top varsity players.

Argentina was ranked number 6 in the world so our boys beating them was pretty impressive.  Here’s the winning shot:

The gold medal game was Canada 1 vs. Tunisia.  Not sure what the rankings are but they were pretty fun to watch.

I caught the winning shot of this game as well:

Kick ass volleyball but tons of respect to sports photographers.  Maybe some sports are easier than others but I found volleyball pretty tough.  You never know where the play is going to be.  You can either pre-focus on an area where there may be action and wait for it or chase the action around hoping that you’ll be able to focus in time.

I basically shot in full manual mode after metering for the ambient light.  After a while you start to get the feel for where the good shots will be and anticipating it but it’s not easy.  I have no idea how they did this before digital.  I shot about 125 shots and maybe got 2 or 3 that are half decent.

Kris Warkentin


Got my first eagle today.  Meadows, East Course #8.

I put my tee shot on the fairway straight in line with the water and carried a five wood onto the green about 6 feet from the pin.  Sweet.

Kris Warkentin


Renovations are fun and satisfying but living in the middle of them is a pain.  All the furniture in the spare room is spread out through the house while we drywall, paint and redo the flooring.  See, the addition heaved last winter.  We got the posts replaced so it’s solid now but all the seams in the drywall cracked and the patio door was buggered up.  I replaced the patio door a couple weeks ago but we hadn’t finished the room.  This weekend was rainy so we stayed in and cleared the room out, took off all the trim, re-taped the seams, plastered everything up, sanded and primed.

Now we’re ready for paint.  I think it’s going to look pretty good.  It’s a pale blue and we’re keeping the trim white.  The flooring will be fairly dark so it should set it off nicely.

Kris Warkentin