7 days of no internet

Well, I’m back online after our move.  Things were so busy that I never got a chance to set up our computers or internet at home so I had to wait until I got back to work.  Dunno if I’m cut out for the hard physical labor life.  6 days of 12+ hour working and I’m feeling pretty run down.  I think my energy levels are actually recharging now that I’m back at my desk.

On the bright side, the rental unit is mostly finished.  I’ve got a couple more coats of varnish to put on the floor and a few more things to move/clean up and then it’s done.

The new place is still a work in progress and will be for some time though.  We’ve got a lot of the painting done but there is still baseboards and chair rail to cut and paint plus assorted organization and unpacking.  We had a bit of a leak/mouse problem that is well on its way to resolution I hope.  The gas pipe had a hole almost big enough for two pipes so the mousies were getting into the insulation in the basement.  The hole is now closed which should stop both mice and water.  There water seemed to be coming down underneath the siding at a place where the joining was quite sloppy.  I’m hoping that all the caulking will resolve that because some of the water was getting into the which isn’t particularly nice when you’re trying to paint and install baseboards.  All things considered though, the place is in pretty good shape.


Okay, seriously…cats are nasty

So I just finished drywalling over “Finny’s room.” Finny, of course, being our fat cat, had his own personal room under the stairs in our house. Mrs. Crufty, in her infinite wisdom, decided long ago that the little room under the stairs would be a good place to keep the kitty litter if there were a kitty door in entryway. Now even cats can’t see in pitch black so over the years there have been many occasions of “missing the box” so to speak. The result is that the wooden floor in there is saturated beyond all salvage and the smell is, shall we say, a little sharp.

Now I understand Mrs. Crufty’s logic. The dog eats cat poop so it’s quite reasonable to put the litter where the dog can’t get it. After having worked on rectifying the situation, however, I have a great deal of sympathy for the poor cat. Mrs. Crufty tended to neglect litter cleaning duty (or perhaps “doody” 😉 so I can’t imagine how the cat, with his vastly more sensitive nose, could stand to go in there. In the end a simple box with strategic holes makes an ideal kitty litter shelter and also makes it much more accessible for cleaning so now it’s done on a regular basis.

Dealing with Finny’s room is another matter and in the end, I just gave up. We’re renting the place out, the space under the stairs isn’t that useful and we’ve got carpeting people coming in really soon. So I filled it up with kitty litter and baking soda, knocked off the door framing, screwed on a piece of drywall and taped and mudded it in. A good sanding and coat of paint and no one will ever know it was there although people may at some point ask what’s in the empty space under the stairs. I plan to tell them it’s where the hobos are buried. That’s somewhat less embarrassing.


Apartment rented

Well that was quick. Nice young couple came in, liked the place and took it on the spot. Funny coincidence but we happened to be talking about where we work and when my workplace came up she say, “Hey, do you know Jeff and Mike and those St. Laurence guys?” She just happens to have gone to school with a bunch of my work friends. Small world.


Two Bedroom Lower Duplex for Rent.

Lower duplex near St. Laurent Mall has two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, large bathroom and plenty of storage. Close to shopping, transit and downtown.

Freshly renovated with new flooring and paint throughout. Fenced in backyard with deck and shed. Great for pets.

Fridge, stove and two parking spots included. $890 per month with heat and water included (hydro extra).

Available after October 23.

Call Kris at (613) 741-7762 or (613) 866-7762.

Here’s the kitchen and dining room.

Here’s a view of the master bedroom. Good sized closet.

Another view of the master bedroom. Not huge but not bad.

Dining room. Like the nice chandelier, new flooring and pretty trim? We did that… 😉 Notice the fat cat on the floor and the fat dog on the deck. There’s a barbeque out there too but you’ll have to get your own. We’re keeping that one.

Living room. Notice the bird. We have too many animals.

Other view of the living room.

Second bedroom. We use it as a computer room/guest room. Also has a good sized closet.

Here’s the bathroom, freshly painted.

Wish I had time to post….

Man, between renovating the current house and packing things to go to the new house, things are hectic. I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse once we take possession of the new place. Then I’ll have TWO places to work on instead of one. Blah.