Richard Dawkins

I’m going to have to read some of his books.  If you’ve got an hour to kill, this video of him answering questions at a talk down south is fascinating.

I always find it odd that when biologists are trying to explain evolution to laymen, they get caught up in explaining the incremental changes and trying to help people visualize just how long of a time these are happening over.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them using selective breeding as an example.  Almost every type of food we eat and animal we domesticate does not exist in nature.  In very short order, by selecting offspring with certain qualities, a breeder can make radical changes to a species.  This is Darwinisim in action except that the breeder is deciding what mutations should survive rather than the predator or environment.  Seems a lot easier to grasp.


Long time no update

It was brought to my attention that I haven’t written here much lately.  I guess I got out of the habit after my long hiatus from the Internet.  (Thanks Bell, you’re super…)

So what’s new?  We’re settled into the house, renovations have slowed down so it’s a baseboard here, an electrical fixture there, some organizing here, some painting there but nothing overly stressful.

Critters seem to enjoy the new house, especially Finnegan.  The stairs double back so there’s a landing right above the living room where he can hang out and watch what’s going on without actually participating.  We didn’t realize what a strange creature he is until now.  He’s always up there rolling around, chasing his tail, dragging himself around on his back by grabbing the stairs and so on.  Mrs. Crufty and I agree that he’s really quite immature for a cat of his age and heft.

Casey likes the garbage situation.  In firewall terms, we’ve moved from a default policy of deny to allow so now, if Mrs. Crufty and I fail to take active measures to block the malicious packet (Casey’s nose) from the port that the garbage can is listening on, snackage happens.  As long as we remember to empty the can or put something heavy on it, we’re fine.  Otherwise we’re sweeping up the trails of crumbs and wrappers leading down to her lair under the stairs in the basement.  Quite impressive the things she manages to eat though.

Motley seems as happy as ever.  Rosellas are such good fliers that it’s almost impossible to clip his wings enough to keep him grounded.  He just flaps harder, goes slower and gets there just the same.  There are a number of nice perches around the place so when it’s time to go back into the cage at night, it’s the ‘chase me to the living room, back to the cage, to the dining room, into the bathroom, up the stairs, back to the cage’ game before he’s tired enough to be caught and put to bed.  One of these days the dog is going to eat him.

Okay, that’s enough posting for now.  I really need to put some new pictures up.