value of life

A thought has occurred to me.  I doubt it’s a new one but I don’t think I read it anywhere else so I’ll put it forward as my own.

If no one believe in God/Allah/Jehovah/whatever and all the associated perks such as an afterlife, would we still have all the bloodshed and warfare and such?  I’m only going on my personal perspective but my logic is that I only have one cut at this life so I certainly don’t want to throw it away.  If I’ve only got one chance to live my life, I certainly don’t want to be running around with guns and bombs and other crazy stuff.  I want to live!

Maybe if everyone thought like that, they’d think twice about going to war, taking lives and risking having their own taken.  What do you think?

Pros vs. Joes

Here’s an interesting quote from Michael Reichmann of Luminous Landscape regarding his Antarctica photography expeditions:

“Over a three week period in the Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula I shot 7,024 frames totaling 182 Gigabytes. […] I ended up with some 92 frames which I consider worth printing, and a dozen which are portfolio / exhibition grade. Three of these are among the best work which I feel that I have ever done.”

So 1.3% of his shots are worth printing and 0.17% are ‘keepers’.  It seems to me that a) pros shoot a LOT more frames than amateurs and b) pros are a lot fussier about what shots are worth keeping.  I’m sure that the average person would have a hard time picking out the cream of that crop.