More Puppy.

Probably the most dramatic thing so far would be the near death experience for the bird.  For those of you who don’t remember what Motley looks like, here’s a picture of her I took for a Christmas card.

And here’s what she looks like after her first encounter with a ‘bird dog’:

Hopefully it will grow back as nice as it was before and hopefully a lesson was learned by all.  I only stepped out for a second and the bird flew and the dog chased.  I just got a hold of the dog as she got a hold of the tail and came away with about a dozen tail feathers.  Bet that stung.

Ironically, I had been playing with a cat toy shaped like a bird and made an oddly prescient comment about perhaps that not being a good idea considering that we have a pet bird:

Next we examine the phenomenon of puppies sleeping.  Cats are pretty good at sleeping in awkward spots but puppies give them a good run for their money.  On the TV table:

On our feet in the kitchen:

Flat on her back in the living room:

Speaking of cats, our cat is not exactly on speaking terms with us at the moment.  He barely tolerates this excitable interloper on his turf and has taken to hiding in the basement.  Doesn’t he look happy under the stairs?

One last picture for purposes of scale and cuteness.  Apparently Labradors are very food motivated:



New Baby, 11 pounds, 8 ounces

Brought home the puppy today.  She was amazingly good on the ride home.  Two hours in the car and she mostly just slept or tried to explore.  Probably about 30 seconds in whining all together.  Here she is with her sister.  Blackberry takes crappy pictures.  She’s the one in the middle with the pink collar.

At the breeders, mommy with her new baby:

Another crappy blackberry photo on the ride home.  Hard to snap and drive.

When she got home she was fascinated by the puppy in the mirror and tried to play with it:

Action shot in the back yard:

Eating leaves:

Wedged in behind the air conditioner.

That toy is bigger than she is:

8am saturday morning, 2 hours after we started playing with her, it’s nap time again.  Not bad, we were only up with her 6 or 7 times over the night between us.  Sigh…it’s going to be a long couple weeks.

Demonstrating the frog position:

Oh the fun we’re going to have.