Sister from the same mister and swimming.

I’m going to try this gallery thing again. This time I actually annotated the pictures so hopefully it’s somewhat better. I swear WordPress has the worst UI ever. It’s just painful to add a bunch of pictures. The gallery UI isn’t much better. Once you start you can click on the lower pictures to go to the next ones but I couldn’t get it to show bigger pics so you have to click to zoom in. Also, the title of the picture sort of gets blended in at the top so it’s not really obvious. Bleah.

On Friday we went to our friends who just got a puppy who has the same father as Bica. Sadie’s mother was a yellow and her father was a chocolate. The strange genetic experiment that is the Labrador Retriever causes this combination to result in a litter of yellow, chocolate and black labs believe it or not so neither of Sadie’s parents shared her color. I wonder if that results in some interesting conversations in the dog world? “I saw you behind the shed with that black lab from across the street you slut!”

Saturday morning was swimming time and I think the pictures speak for themselves.



What’s happening?

Been a while since an update so I’ll put a few things into one post.  We went to Rob and Katie’s wedding last night but a couple weeks before that I went to his bachelor party out at a cottage on a lake.  Here he is in the fishing boat with his brother.

We got into a fair bit of mischief that evening but I actually kept enough presence of mind to set up a tripod and take some shots of the moon over the lake.

Needless to say, I can’t really party with a bunch of Newfs without paying the price and the price was a pretty horrid motorcycle ride home and most of the next day in bed.  Good times.

Sharon has about a million pictures and videos on her little camera but she’s going to have to learn to put them up on her Facebook because I just can’t process that many images.  I’ve got enough of my own to worry about.  On Saturday we took Bica down to the river.  She still doesn’t quite get the point of swimming even though she’s capable of doing it.

We met a 7 month Doberman that she had quite a wild time with. Amazing how rough dogs play and rarely hurt each other.

Some swans were hanging around because we were throwing rocks for the dogs to chase into the water.  They don’t like dogs and hiss like enormous cats when the dogs get too close.  I expect these swans would mess the dogs up pretty bad since they’re exceptionally vicious and bad tempered and bigger than the doberman to boot.

We got dressed up for the wedding.  Sharon looked pretty awesome in her blue dress.

We danced until pretty late and then went to a play date later in the afternoon with a lady Sharon used to work with and her dogs.  The little yellow is the same age as Bica so they were perfect for each other.

She had a wading pool.  Rub a dub dub, three dogs in a tub.

Whew…finally got the tub to myself.

I’ve got the ball!!! Come get me!

If you two can’t play nicely, I’m taking the ball.

Are you me da?

Puppies are exhausting.

Ah…there’s me da.

That’s all for now.