Queen Mary Renovation

Late 2012 our main floor tenants gave notice so we decided to take the month of December to do a renovation. The place was pretty dated and definitely needed a facelift if we were going to try to charge more rent. We don’t have ‘before’ pics of all of it but hopefully you’ll get the idea.The kitchen had old cream cabinets and peel-and-stick tiles.IMG_4800 IMG_4801The dining room and bedroom off the kitchen were tired with worn out floors, drywall damage and bad paint. There were noise issues with the shared wall in the dining room (you could hear the neighbors clearly). Plus the tenants cat had been pissing in the corner (see the removed drywall) which ruined the flooring and wall there. The single thermostat in the house was in the bedroom which caused problems because that room would tend to be warmer causing the rest of the house to be too cold.IMG_4804 IMG_4802The bathroom was also quite tired. We had replaced the shower/tub earlier in the year but the rest of it needed updating too.IMG_4806The rest of the house needed paint and the basement needed new carpet. We don’t have before pictures but it was pretty gross. Washing the walls was disgusting and when we pulled up the old carpet, there was a massive quantity of dirt underneath it.
For the kitchen we tiled the floor and refaced the cabinets. By buying new doors and gluing veneer on the outside, we were able to make it look like new without actually replacing the cabinets. A new light fixture, new laminate counter tops, sink and faucet along with new stainless appliances and range hood completed the look.IMG_4817 IMG_4816The dining room and bedroom got new floors, paint and trim. The thermostat was moved to the kitchen and the dining room wall was removed, more soundproofing insulation was added and heavier grade drywall put back up. The bedroom got a new light fixture to replace the old ceiling fan.IMG_4818 IMG_4824The bathroom got a new vanity with a granite top, new lighting and ceiling fan, a new medicine cabinet, new toilet, towel bars and toilet paper holders as well as fresh paint.IMG_4813The basement got new carpet, light fixture and fresh paint throughout.IMG_4814 IMG_4829And finally, the living room was also painted and given a new light fixture. It and the bathroom were the only floors in the house that were not refinished. Its hardwood had been refinished a few years back and was still good and the bathroom was tile which was also in good shape.IMG_4828 It was a pretty tough month for us. We were both working full time and probably put another 40 hours a week during December working on the house. In the end we were able to increase the rent by 25% which means the renovation will pay for itself in 2-3 years. I expect that we’ve also increased the overall value of the house substantially as well.