Last day in Portugal.

Not sure what number post this is.  You could go all the way back to Part 1, or perhaps Part 5. Note that this is the second post of the day so if you missed the one before this, you might want to check it out.

This may actually be a fairly short post for a change since after a number of very busy days we decided to be a little less ambitious and relax a bit. We got up early on Saturday to go to Loulé which, we had heard, had a very nice market on Saturdays. Once we got there, I had to stop for a bica and some pastéis. Actually, I had a couple bicas since after the adventures the night before, it was that kind of morning.


Some scenes in and around the market.




We tooled around the market and got some fruit and cheese and vegetables and pastries. All the usual market things. A little more shopping around the town and it was off to the beach.

Nice beach.



Nice boats.


Nice couple.


We had been discussing the fact that we had 8 days in Portugal and 5 in Spain and were feeling like we really wanted more time in Spain. We made the decision to bail out a day early so we booked a hotel in Spain and went out for pizza. After the meal the night before, we just wanted something simple, homey, cheap and good. While we were there we saw another stray doing something cute.


Tune in next time when we head off to Spain.


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