Tulum and Iguanas

Hmm…25-35 cm of snow with possible freezing rain in Ottawa for the next 24 hours.  That doesn’t sound very good.  We took a tour of Tulum which is an ancient Mayan city on the coast of the Yucatan.


Not the most impressive ruins but still pretty and in a very nice location.  Of course, Sharon and I being the kids that we are, spent most of our time looking at the iguanas which are about as common as seagulls around the area.  It’s sort of like if someone came to Ottawa to see Parliament and spent the whole time taking photos of squirrels.  I’m sure the locals just shake their heads.


Handsome fellows though and quite agreeable to pose for pictures.  After Tulum we went to another one of the resorts in the Palace chain for lunch and a swim.  It’s basically in the middle of an eco-park/zoo and you get to live in tree-houses.  Sounds pretty awesome to me.  We took photos of alligators and monkeys and swam in a estuary.  No time to post any more now but it was a good day.  Tired and sunburnt.

On a sad side note, I experienced my very first scalp burn today.  Hair isn’t quite what it used to be.  Sucks getting old don’t it?



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