Question mark after golf since I’m not sure if that’s what we were playing.  With a certain amount of creative scorekeeping, foot-wedges and looking the other way, we both managed to score in the low hundreds on this hideously difficult and unforgiving course.


That hole that they’re playing out of is called a ceynote or sinkhole, of which the Yucatan is dotted with.  Apparently there are no aboveground rivers here but many underground rivers and lakes and occasionally the ground collapses forming these sinkholes.  Some of the better ones are actually open down to the water where you can dive and such.

Going back to the course, we have a rating of 76 and a slope of 148 which makes it about as tough as a golf course gets.  Randy and I went through over a dozen balls on the front nine although we found our swings on the back.  We were golfing with some fellows from Houston, one of whom was hitting ProV1s and when we were trying to help him find a ball in the rough, he told us not to bother.  Apparently there are snakes there which only give you about 15 minutes to get to the doctor before you die so it’s not really worth it to try to find your ball.

Still, very interesting.  I had planned to take more pictures but it was all we could do to stay on pace.  Talk about feeling like a king though. The course was owned by the Palace chain so other than green fees and club rentals, everything was included.  Want something from the cart?  Just ask, sandwiches, beer, you name it.  Made enough good shots to keep me coming back but not enough to cause Tiger to lose any sleep.  I believe this is the first time that I had to slow down on the cart path to shoo iguanas out of the way and I’ve definitely never played with monkeys and agouti cruising the fairways before.

Apparently Sharon is fairly easy to entertain and just about any guy on the street who asks her if she would like to play with his monkey is quite likely to get a positive reaction.


It’s all done for the good of the animals….donations go to some sort of “save the wildlife” fund.  I was expecting the monkey to poop on her since that seems to be the number one requirement on the monkey job description but these guys must have been fresh out.

Every now and then I see something and make a photo that moves me in some way.  It’s unfortunate that it’s so rare.  I generally don’t like my pictures and find them shallow and pretty and devoid of emotion or meaning.  This one moves me a bit.  Some old guy sitting on the dock waiting for the ferry.


Oh and one other thing.  Sharon and I are dorks.



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  1. If it makes you feel any better, you’re way more of a dork Kris and unnaturally tall, I don’t think you’re supposed to be able to touch the ground so well on one of those saddles. – Christina from Kris’ computer

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