Day 4, skin getting redder, not sure how..much….longer….

Started out taking a cab down the road to a place called Dzul Ha.  It’s a little place where there is a nice reef right near shore that you can just walk into the water and snorkel around.  Apparently Hurricane Wilma wiped it out pretty bad but it’s come back to the point that it’s interesting again.

Saw some interesting stuff.  Eels, funky shrimp, the usual assortment of fish.  My dad and I both got stung by something on our wrists that we didn’t see.  Must have been a jellyfish passing by or some such.  Burny but not too bad.  Also, I was diving around a reef and a little brown fish was nearby so I shooed him with my hand and would you believe the little bugger nipped me on the hand?  Cheeky!  He was about the size of a large goldfish so I’ve got to give him an A+ for attitude.  I’m sure he would have needed about a dozen bites just to break the skin but it’s cute when they think they’re scary big fish.

That was about it for the day.  We went back to the hotel and just chilled out by the pool, drank some cervezas, played a little pool volleyball or “Calvinball” as I like to call it.  Met some crazy people:


This guy was basically hassling everyone but was so much fun doing it that nobody seemed to mind.  It’s always neat to meet some cool people on vacation.  Not sure where he was from but he seemed like he might be part Newf….not saying anything, just saying. 😉

Did some more snorkeling off the pier and actually saw some big predators.  Bunch of gars and a big barracuda.  Then we went up to try the hot tub and discovered that a half bottle of bubble bath is too much.  On the bright side, it gave us a little reminder of what it must be like to be buried in snow in Ottawa.  No it didn’t…I’m just playing with you.  It was GREAT!


Okay, enough blogging.  Off to dinner.



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