I was feeling a little off today, a little too crispy perhaps.  We had lined up a day at Chankanaab which is a snorkling, wildlife, beachy sort of place with dolphin swimming and such.  I’m not going to talk too much and just let a few pictures speak for themselves.  You’ll probably notice our iguana obsession surfacing again…I’m beginning to think Sharon may wind up adopting one.






Since I wasn’t feeling that great, other than for snorkeling, I hid under a hut all day to stay out of the sun.


This was the view from where I was sitting.

day5-6.jpg They had a botanical garden type thing there.



When we got back in the afternoon, I was really feeling quite poorly so I had the Mexican sunstroke cure.  Chipotle and ham sandwich, two advil, a beer and a siesta.  Much better.  Still on the lizard theme, we had a little gecko hanging out on our porch.


A little after the sun went down a big thunderstorm rolled in off the water.  I stayed out on the porch taking photos, trying to catch some lightning.  Here’s a good one:

day5-11.jpg The rain was blowing in sideways so I eventually had to evacuate inside.  Here’s what our room looked like with the storm outside.

day5-12.jpg We capped it all off with dinner at the Asian restaurant.  Fantastic meal.  I had a seafood stir fry with shrimp and octopus which made me wonder why I had never had octopus before.  It’s not the most attractive thing I’ve ever eaten but it’s mighty tasty.  I even got Sharon to try a piece and then had to fight her off for the rest of the meal from stealing all my food.  It was that good.



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  1. Just to let you know, I have no problem adding an Iguana to the list of things I house sit for. They are so cool. Finny might have a few issues. Christina

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