New addition to our family

Once upon a time, there was Spongebob, named such because I looked like a total squarepants riding him.


Spongebob was a 1986 Yamaha XS400.  With a stiff tailwind and a bit of a downhill slope, he could almost get up to 100km/hr.  Great starter bike.  I remember driving around and seeing a fancy convertable with the top down and thinking, “You paid 20 times what I did and I’m having more fun than you.  I have top, front, back and sides down.”

Next came Cartman, the 1989 ZX750 Ninja.  He was called Cartman because he wasn’t fat, he was just big boned.  By modern sport bike standards, he was heavy and slow but I got him up to 230km/hr one time and generally cruised at 180 or so.  Amazing I never lost my license.  He was, shall we say, distinctive in his coloration.


I got rid of Cartman when we got married to save a few bucks on insurance.  For two years I was rideless, gazing jealously as other guys rode around, free of the constraints of seatbelts and speed limits.  So, without futher ado, I present to you, “Quagmire.”  This name, courtesy of Sharon, comes from the sound his engine makes….Giggity giggity giggity….


Quagmire is a Honda Shadow, VT1100.  Lots of displacement and torque but still a big performance drop from Cartman.  Hopefully just the thing to keep me down to reasonable speeds and definitely a lot more comfortable for passengers.  Note the generous seating and backrest.  Hopefully my wife won’t need a back brace and hip replacement after riding.



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