So we’re getting a puppy.  We’ve been on the waiting list with our breeder since before they were born and now we’re getting to the final countdown.  2 weeks less a day until we pick her up.  Last weekend we went to the breeder to visit them and I’ll tell you, even though I prefer mellow, adult dogs, these pups were cute.  Here’s their momma….she looks pretty tired.  I suppose that having 11 puppies would make almost anyone tired and I have a feeling that’s we’re going to look like that after we get the puppy too.


And here are the pups.  Not sure how the cat is going to take having one of these around but we hope he’ll be alright.  We won’t know which one we get until the day since the dog’s owner and the bitch’s owner are taking the top male and top female.  That won’t be known until the 11th of this month when all the breeders get together to vote on pick of the litter.  We’re second in line for a female which means we’ll get third pick out of 5.





Sharon’s sister Michelle from Toronto came too.  She tried to steal a puppy but the breeder noticed the squirmy bulge under her shirt and made her give it back. 😉


On our way back from Napanee, we stopped in Kingston for a bit.  Nice harbor front.


Next friday.  Friday the 13th.  Hopefully it will be a lucky day for us and we’ll get a lovely puppy who won’t poop in the house too much and won’t eat our furniture too much.



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