Bathroom renovation

Our en-suite was only a two piece with a toilet and sink so we decided to redo it and add a stand up shower. Don’t have a before picture but it really wasn’t much to look at. In this shot, I’ve taken the walls and subfloor off and redone the plumbing and electrical. We needed a new exhaust fan, plug and light fixtures and I added a pot light over the shower as well as an extra rough-in for a lighted mirror. The toilet flange needed to be shifted to make room for the shower and unfortunately was right beside a joist which was awkward but nothing a saw and some steel mending plates couldn’t solve.

I used PEX for the supply lines and after having used it, I’ll never use copper again. So easy to work with. The air vent in this picture will be shifted to the left so as not to be in traffic.


Flooring back in and drywall up. I made a custom nook for shampoo and stuff in the wall.


Drywall finished and painted. Shower membrane is on the wall and the floor tiles are in place. We went with 2 foot square tiles which leaves very few grout lines.


Starting to come together now. Cabinets, mirror and light fixtures up. Tiles and shower base installed.


Really close now. Grouting and caulking all done, toilet installed, countertop in place. Still need to install the sink and faucet as well as the shower hardware.


And voila. All done. Shower and sink hardware all in place. Towel rack and toilet paper holder installed. Not too shabby.

bathroom IMG_5370 IMG_5365

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