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A thought has occurred to me.  I doubt it’s a new one but I don’t think I read it anywhere else so I’ll put it forward as my own.

If no one believe in God/Allah/Jehovah/whatever and all the associated perks such as an afterlife, would we still have all the bloodshed and warfare and such?  I’m only going on my personal perspective but my logic is that I only have one cut at this life so I certainly don’t want to throw it away.  If I’ve only got one chance to live my life, I certainly don’t want to be running around with guns and bombs and other crazy stuff.  I want to live!

Maybe if everyone thought like that, they’d think twice about going to war, taking lives and risking having their own taken.  What do you think?

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  1. I don’t know Kris, I think without the perk of an afterlife people could get rid of their enemies without any fear of retribution in the afterlife. Maybe I’m being pesimistic but I think there will always be large groups of people in conflict over something. I’ll agree that there are definitely better things that I would rather be doing.

    Congrats on the wedding – I came across your website doing a search for something else.

    Mark from Lakehead CS or Edgewater before that I guess 🙂
    Is Joel a doctor now?

  2. Call me crazy but it doesn’t seem like the afterlife perk is doing much to stop people from getting rid of their enemies. In fact, religion just seems to give them more targets. After all, my standards for membership in this club called ‘human beings, deserving of life and respect’ is quite low. For many people, one of the criteria is, “Do they worship the same imaginary things that I do?”

  3. Kris, this is something I’ve thought about as well. If the life-span for the average Canadian male is 77.8 years (and we assume this average applies to all individuals in the world), why would anyone waste most of that time causing or participating in bloodshed. When you realize that once you’re dead you’ll be that way for trillions of years, I think that you’d want to spend the 77.8 years that you have really enjoying the benefits of life. If everyone in the world shared this belief, would we still have problems with murder and conflict as Mark suggests? I don’t know. If our reality is formed by our beliefs and we all believed that everyone should enjoy life while alive, maybe murder and poverty wouldn’t exist. Maybe we would all be content to share what we have for the greater benefit of humanity. It’s a great philosophical question.

    By the way, congratulations on the wedding. I wish the both of you good health and happiness.

  4. “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

    – Steven Weinberg

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