Feta Pâté

So Ryan brought in some feta pâté that totally kicked ass. I decided to make some to take to a friend’s place. Sharon tries it and, “Oh my god *cruch cruch* that’s so garlicky *chomp* we can’t *slurp* take that to someone’s house *munch munch munch*”.

“And yet you keep eating it.”, I observe. See, the thing is, it’s the beaucoup de garlic, the garlic wide world, Death by Garlic. Somehow, in spite of that, it’s totally not offensive and kicks ass on so many levels I can’t even believe it. My plan is to replace 3 cloves of raw garlic with about a dozen cloves of roasted….mmmm….roasted garlic.

Kris Warkentin

Cinnamon Buns

I made a page describing the process of making cinnamon buns. My old group at work used to do a weekly thing where a different person would bring a treat every friday. I made cinnamon buns. It was pretty cool – apparently yeast will rise very slowly in the fridge overnight so you can actually make the dough the night before and work with it in the morning.

I’ll post the recipe here a bit later.