Renovations Phase 1 or “Why I need a wide angle lens”

So we’ve pretty much finished the dining room. There are still a couple of minor trim details but by and large, it’s done. Work done: replace patio door, fix rotted section of floor, redo molding and trim, retape and drywall seams, paint, install laminate floor. Not too bad. Here’s a picture. I’m really crappy at […]

Bye bye Kitty.

Well, a nice man came by and picked up the kitty yesterday.  I think he’s going to a good home.  Considering that the guy bought Science Diet kitten food, I think he’s probably a better pet owner than we are.  Of course, the amount of food our cat/cow goes through, we’d have to take out […]

%$#@* Thieves!!

Took Sharon to Montreal for shopping this weekend (Monday was her birthday).  We stayed in a fairly decent hotel but it didn’t have indoor parking.  Now Ottawa doesn’t seem to have a lot of theft so I don’t normally take the face plate off my stereo.  Big mistake in Montreal apparently.  They jimmied open the […]


Renovations are fun and satisfying but living in the middle of them is a pain.  All the furniture in the spare room is spread out through the house while we drywall, paint and redo the flooring.  See, the addition heaved last winter.  We got the posts replaced so it’s solid now but all the seams […]